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Dynamic website designed for the requirements of the hotel industry!

A professional looking website targeting visitors looking for accommodation is the best way to increase your website visitor to online booking ratio.

This is exactly what our dynamic website solution offers. At the same time you have the power to update any part of the website by adding or changing text, photos, prices and even the layout and colors of your pages.

The online booking engine also uses the same administration panel as the website so you just need to change information in one place for both services.

Dynamic Content

-Powerful CMS (Content Management System)
-Auto photo optimization and photo gallery
-Custom Pages
-Social network connections
-Custom image slider

Dynamic Layout & Color

-Preview and change layout instantly
-Select color variations
-New layouts added each month
-Custom layout upon request
-Integration of layout with online booking engine

Integrated with Online Booking Engine

-Room types
-Booking Form
-Hotel Policies
-Hotel Facilities
-Common management panel

SEO features

-Auto or custom SEO available
-HTML, CSS optimization
-Tags designed for SEO
-Page structure optimized for SEO
-Meta tags

Website Administration Interface
  • General
    • Professional
    • Easy to navigate
    • Multiple languages
    • Booking form integration
    • Custom links
    • Common admin panel with booking engine
  • Hotel Presentation
    • Image slide show
    • Location
    • Room types
    • Facilities
    • Google maps
    • Photo gallery
    • Hotel policies
    • Unlimited custom pages
  • Feedback
    • Contact form
    • Request form
    • Online booking engine
  • General
    • Many features & easy to use
    • Online web based control panel
    • Multiple languages
    • Multiple hotels in one account
    • Setup guide
  • Hotel profile
    • Room types
    • Facilities
    • Contact details
    • Photo gallery
    • Text descriptions
  • Website Management
    • Layout & colors selector
    • Unlimited menus & pages
    • Image slide show
    • Links & social networks
    • Search engine optimization
    • Google analytics