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The Company

GeoBookings is a software development company focusing on the tourism industry and specifically on applications involving online real time bookings of hotels, car rentals, tours and yacht rentals.

Our software is provided as a Service (SaaS), which means our customers subscribe to a annual low cost plan and gain unlimited access through the internet, using a web browser , to the applications. This eliminates hardware and hosting costs and at the same time makes software updates and fixes transparent for the end users.

Our Goal

Our goal is to fully meet the software requirements of businesses operating in the field of tourism as regards to their online presence and online reservation systems. This is why our software follows a cycle of continuous improvement and addition of functionality based on the current developments of the tourism market and IT.

Research & Development

Geobookings combines its experience in the tourism industry and software engineering for use in research & development in order to create innovative services & products.

We keep an eye on every new development concerning computer hardware & software and test its ability to integrate into existing products or be the basis for creating new ones.

Human Resources

Our most valuable resource is the people working to create quality software & services. This is why our primary objective is the continuous education of our staff and the effort to create a working area that encourages productivity.