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Increase your bookings with a professional online booking engine!
Provide the ability for your web site visitors to make a online booking & instant payment towards your hotel, using a simple, easy to understand and use online booking system.

Your visitors will also be able to check availability and prices at any time. If there is no availability for the dates & persons they selected they have the option to you alternate dates using the availability calendar. They can also easily send a request for availability.

Additionally your visitors will be able to view a full presentation of your hotel. Text descriptions, photo gallery, position on map, hotel & room facilities, booking terms & conditions and much more.

Guest Booking Interface

-Simple,easy to use
-Multiple languages
-Analytic presentation of room types & booking terms
-Multiple room types & number of rooms in a single booking
-Booking confirmation e-mails

Flexible Payment System

-Detailed cost analysis
-Multiple payment methods
-Connections to online payment gateways
-Secure credit card transmission
-Set prepayment percent

Hotel Administration Panel

-Setup guide
-Simple availability & price update
-Auto generate booking forms
-Search & view bookings
-Offers,extras and rate plans

Dynamic software

-Select style & colors of booking interface
-Growing list of analytic statistical views
-Life time software upgrades
-Growing list of booking channels
-Growing list of online payment gateways

Booking Interface Administration Interface
  • General
    • Simple to use
    • 3 steps to complete booking
    • Multiple languages
    • Secure (encryption, SSL)
  • Hotel profile
    • Photo gallery
    • Location on Google maps
    • Contact details
    • Facilities
  • Availability
    • Search by dates
    • Select number of adults/children/infants
    • Availability calendar
    • Availability check for the total number of people
    • Select number of people per room
  • Room types
    • Title & description
    • Capacity
    • Main photo & Photo Gallery
    • Floor plan
    • Room size/Bedrooms/Bathrooms
    • Facilities
    • Board
    • Rate analysis
    • Offers & special conditions
  • Bookings
    • Select multiple room types per booking
    • Extras
    • Guest name for each room
    • Select board for each room
    • Detailed booking details
    • Arrival information
    • Invoice
    • Guest comments
    • Booking terms & conditions
  • My Booking
    • Login and view all booking details
    • Booking status (Pending confirmation, Confirmed, Canceled)
    • Request changes
    • Send comments
    • Cancel booking
    • View payment information
  • Payments
    • Multiple payment methods
    • Online real time credit card processing
    • Online payment gateways
    • Instructions on prepayment
    • Instructions on the payment of the rest of the amount
  • Notifications
    • Booking request
    • Booking confirmation
    • Cancel/change booking
    • Availability request
  • General
    • Many features & easy to use
    • Online web based control panel
    • Multiple languages
    • Multiple hotels in one account
    • Setup guide
  • Dashboard
    • Booking feed & fast search
    • Notifications for new & pending bookings
    • Booking channels
    • Arrivals & event notifications
  • Hotel profile
    • Room types
    • Facilities
    • Contact details
    • Photo gallery
    • Text descriptions
  • Booking policies
    • General policies
    • Policies per room type
    • Cancellation policies for each room type/offer
    • General policies for offers & special conditions
    • Booking terms are saved with booking
  • Availability & prices
    • Unlimited rate plans
    • Booking channels
    • Batch update of availability & rates
    • Day to day update of availability & rates
    • Availability calendar
    • Offers & special conditions
  • Bookings
    • Search booking with multiple filters
    • Rooms & prices analysis
    • Specific booking terms
    • Payment & booking status information
    • Notifications sent
    • Extras
  • Booking interface setup
    • Auto create booking form
    • Select style & color of booking form
    • Select style & color of booking interface
    • Download booking form code or send by e-mail
  • Payment methods
    • Setup multiple payment methods
    • Online payment gateways
    • Details prepayment and rest of payment instructions
    • Set your own custom payment methods
  • Other features
    • Enable/Disable booking channels
    • Setup default values
    • Setup notifications
    • Details usage analytics
    • Booking reports